Power source for gigging/pedalboard?

I´m not clear on how the power source works for some of the pedalboards i´ve seen.
This is me being ignorant so please educate me.
Do you guys connect power sources on pedalboards to protect the QC? and what power sources do you use? I have a voodoo lab but it doesn´t have enough mA to power the QC so i never bothered and plug directly to energy. not sure any pedal power source has enough amperage for qc but im probs wrong.

Or B.
Are there portable power sources/batteries that don´t need to plug to the venue and i´m ignorant on that?

There is a product from Duracell which is essentially a giant power bank. There are a number of other companies offering this kind of product. Some can provide enough power to run major appliances. Many provide surge protection and power filtering. Many can literally power your QC, power amp pedal, or powered speaker for an all night gig!

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This is how I plan to do it if I get the QC, and how many others are doing it now: A CIOKS DC7 with either a CIOKS CRUX at its 12V setting, or a CIOKS DC7 with a current multiplier (which uses 3 sockets with 4 cables that unite to draw enough current out of the DC7 to power the Quad Cortex). It can be done, one just has to use the appropriate current multiplication for your chosen switch-based power supply!

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thanks, i´ll close this i just have one question that isn´t addressed on those which is if the QC needs another power supply to protect it like it´s done with pedals, or if the QC power supply is enough… i just dont quite understand why people get other power supplies

There are three main complaints about the QC’s original power supply:

  1. It’s a wall wart, which doesn’t jive with pedalboard mounting
  2. It feels cheap/flimsy, i.e. the wire delivering 2A - 3A of current to the QC is thin and [perceived to be] likely to break easily
  3. It’s not grounded by a third prong, which has the potential to cause noise issues*

*NDSP specifically chose to do this because the QC is intended to be grounded to whatever sound system it is connected via its I/O, not through a power supply. They were trying to avoid ground loop with bigger sound systems, but that means that bedroom/headphone users wind up having a ton of noise.

Hopefully that answers your question. Power your QC the way you see fit. And don’t let anyone tell you that you HAVE to shell out $250 just for a Cioks DC7; only do that if you want to.

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