Pedal Power 3 Plus to power QC

I’m planning out a new pedalboard build, and I see that most people are using 4 outputs of the Cioks DC7 with three 8800 Flex Parallel Adapters to power the QC. That would only leave 3 outputs left for my other pedals, so I would need something like Strymon Ojai for more outputs.

The Pedal Power 3 Plus from Voodoo Labs has many more outputs than Cioks DC7, so I thought I might try using 4 of those outputs to power QC with plenty of outputs to spare (saves money/space by not needing strymon Ojai for more outputs).

Can anyone confirm if the Pedal Power 3 Plus would work with the QC using this method?

I’m not certain but I think you could use the (2) 12 V, 1A outputs to power a QC.

Not sure if you’ve seen the crux by CIOCKS that was announced. It would free up 4 slots for other pedals.

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Ohh that looks perfect for what I’m looking for, it seems specifically made with the QC in mind. Thanks for the suggestion!

I did speak to Voodoo Labs a while back about power supplies and they mentioned they don’t have a device that would power the QC. I would reach about this question to verify.

Another +1 for the Crux. Have mine on order. Can’t wait to lose the stock power adapter and only have one plug for the whole board.

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