Plugin request: make a darn good Blues AmpSim Plugin

I really wish for a NeuralDSP plugin aimed at blues guitarist that wants fat amp tones with lots of headroom and awesome breakup tones.

Maybe a Josh Smith Archetype :wink: – if he ever would participate in such an effort.

Great amps would be Fender Blackface / Custom 57, Custom Deluxe. Morgan amps, Dumple overdrive and so forth.


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I wouldnt mind that, Even though i just ordered the kingtone the soloist like Josh Smith has on his board, i would love to have his lovepedal thuela, ringer module/octave fuzz pedal, Morgan amp

So true. I think there’s a huge community of blues musicians looking up to Neural DSP folks for a dedicated blues plugin. I’m sure it will get the most number of buyers than any other plugin. In fact, I even wrote to the Neural DSP guys and they said we can expect some surprises. But I’m getting just too impatient now. So badly need a DSP plugin which gives authentic Fender and Gibson vintage blues tones.

I purchased Cory Wong plugin and found it pretty good for some vintage tones, but still need more dedicated blues amp sims for those authentic bluesy tones.

Looking forward!