Just want to praise the ToneKing

So far the best neuralplug i have tried (and own) and it solves my eternal problem not being able to use regular amps. I cant find a single negative thing to say about it. I havent even begun with the overdrives. The amp in itself is enough. Its a fxxxg miracle! Thanks!


Hi @Mikael, and welcome to the community! Glad to hear you are happy with the newest plugin!

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Awesome to hear that you like it! I’ve been enjoying it a lot as well. You can post your favorite presets in the toneking channel here if you would like, and also consider joining the discord! Neural DSP

I wish it was not a memory hog, I cant even get a single preset to remain stable with out gargling noise and I run Cali, Gojira and other plugs all the time on my MacBook Pro i7 from 2014

Hi @Gabriel , that isn’t normal behavior so something else is going on likely with your 2014 MB.
If you are unable to resolve, reach out to NDSP for assistance: support@neuraldsp.com.

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its my Mac, 2014, old. geezer.

I too am very fond of the Tone King plugin. I have used it on an old 2012 i7 MacBook Pro running Catalina 10.15.7 with no problems. Make user your macOS is updated.

I had problems with the Fortin Cali as well but quitting other apps worked,
Catalina 16GB ram, 2013 MacBook Pro with i7

As of a week ago I’m on a MacBook Air m1 16GB ram 512GB SSD and its night and day, I can open 40 instances of Fortin Cali…which is crazy…but good if you want to arm 4 tracks and 4 different plug ins at once (I have Softube Marshalls, NDPS, etc)…not a single issue.

I need to check that one out. I’m new to the Neural DSP plugins and I’m 1000% sold. Some of the tones in the Cory Wong plug-in are remarkable. Finally having good direct guitar tones have jump started my butt in gear for recording more. Thank you Neural!

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Just seconding the Tone King love. I had a Tone King, the first one he made I think, the Comet? I loved that amp. And it’s my favorite Neuraldsp plugin (along with Cory Wong). Ya like what ya like I guess. :slight_smile:

Tbh re this particular amp I preferred the capture more