It's time, Laney

Hopefully, this is the right place to post this (very new here)

I keep seeing so many using Laney amps and knowing that I’ll always be “in the box” as opposed to “real” amps, someone has got to reproduce a faithful plug (hopefully a set)

Why not NDSP? :smile: You’ve got Soldano and Mesa down, I think it’s time.


Hey Chris, I would love for them to make more bundles. That is basically what they do when they make an Archetype plugin. It’s a bundle of amps the artist uses. It totally makes sense. Which Laney amps would you be interested in? I was thinking something like this.

  1. Laney Bundle: AOR, GH100L/50L, Iron heart 60/120, and a Lionheart

  2. Since IR’s are so easy to make, I would like it if they would offer more cab choices, like:
    (4) 1x12’s (a G12-65, a Cream Alnico, a G14-M70, and a Vintage 30)

(4) 2x12’s (G12-65’s, a Cream and a Ruby Alnico, Blackbacks, and a V30 paired with a G12-T75)

(4) 4x12’s (G12-65’s, a Gold and a Blue Alnico, Greenbacks, G12-M70 with V30’s and a V30 paired with a G12-T75.

I know lots of people hate the G12-M70, but they can actually sound great when the amp is cranked and historically, Laney had the G12-M70 in a lot of their amps. Wouldn’t mind a 4x12 with Fanes for the Laney, either.

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I came here to say just this.

I just got the Mesa Boogie Mark IIc+ Bundle. I’m so impressed by it. It’s very responsive, and it sounds amazing. I used to have a Boogie amp, and this one is better! This is the first thing I have gotten from Neural DSP. I’m so impressed. I want more!

I’d really like to see an Laney 100BL/Supergroup with a treble booster pedal. That would basically be a Tony Iommi Archetype. That’s the amp set up I want most of all. But I love the idea above of a Laney bundle, too. Especially for the GH100L/50. Those are nice. doomy amps.

Yes, this is my vote for Laney! Make some Laneys! I will buy!

Glad to know I’m not the only one :slight_smile:

It’s kinda surprising to me. I’m not aware of anyone that has done this, and considering how good NDSP is, seems to make sense they should do this.

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