Exploring NeuralDSP Plugins

Hello at NeuralDSP,

I was searching for some DI recording method and came across several plugins.
Here is what I tested – in a ranking.

1 – Neural DSP, the first plugin that gives me a fun factor while playing!

2 – S-Gear Scuffham, okay, but not as real and lively as Neural

3 – Amplitube – tons of possibilities, but basic sounds couldn’t come close to the real thing.
I had high expectations and was quite disappointed about Amplitube

4 – Guitar Rig – seems outdated and not in the same realm like Neural or Scuffham

Installed Cory Wong and felt so inspired that I did a quick testtrack with it:

So far I had only one crash. When fiddling with the mid pot on the Nolly Amp 1, the sound suddenly started “self oscillating” and the Plugin crashed. But a Plugin reload fixed it.

bug? (win10 64, Cubase 10.5)
NeuralDSP doesn’t seem to see the bypass state in a correct way.
If I copy the bypassed plugin, or copy a track or if I reload a project, the Plugin becomes auto activated.

But for the rest Im very happy with the NeuralDSP Amps!
Im mostly interested in warm clean and blues sounds (Fender and Vox Style).
Going to purchase the Cory Wong, Fortin Cali and Nolly and I think Im very well covered with those sounds. I hope that Neural will explore a little more into Fender/Vox territories… atm the range seems to be strong on the heavy sound side.

Great job NeuralDSP!
Im very happy I found your plugins!
Thanks for all your effort and your love for detail!