Please Please Please make a dedicated blues plugin!

Request Neural DSP guys to make a dedicated Blues plugin. Something which gives authentic Fender and Gibson blues tones. A plugin using which we can create tones of the greats like BB King, Freddie King, Clapton, SRV, Billy Gibbons etc.

There’s a huge community of blues musicians looking up to the Neural DSP folks for this and I’m sure such a plugin will sell like a hotcake once launched.

Hoping to hear from the team on this. Cheers!

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Quick Q: Have you tried Archetype Cory Wong?

Yes, I have purchased Cory Wong and have been using it. Very happy with it. But still need those rusty old school & vintage blues tones which I don’t seem to be able to get through Cory Wong. Don’t think I can get the exact tones of BB King, Freddie King, Eric Clapton, SRV etc. I couldn’t find much help in YouTube for those kinda tones.

Have you tried plini plugin and first amp?

Yes, I use Plini as well. It’s good for cleans mostly, but still doesn’t give all vintage blues tones.

I got a good one with Fortin Cali Clean Channel. I added some verb from DAW.

You might try using Wong with Clean Machine and cab #1 (Clean Machine defaults to cab #2). SRV starts sounding pretty decent thru that cab imo… You could also try running an EQ between guitar and amp in order to sculpt the breakup, and try 3rd party cab IRs (I’m liking OwnHammer’s latest collection) for different cab/speaker arrangements.