Please Please Please make a dedicated blues plugin!

Request Neural DSP guys to make a dedicated Blues plugin. Something which gives authentic Fender and Gibson blues tones. A plugin using which we can create tones of the greats like BB King, Freddie King, Clapton, SRV, Billy Gibbons etc.

There’s a huge community of blues musicians looking up to the Neural DSP folks for this and I’m sure such a plugin will sell like a hotcake once launched.

Hoping to hear from the team on this. Cheers!

Quick Q: Have you tried Archetype Cory Wong?

Yes, I have purchased Cory Wong and have been using it. Very happy with it. But still need those rusty old school & vintage blues tones which I don’t seem to be able to get through Cory Wong. Don’t think I can get the exact tones of BB King, Freddie King, Eric Clapton, SRV etc. I couldn’t find much help in YouTube for those kinda tones.

Have you tried plini plugin and first amp?

Yes, I use Plini as well. It’s good for cleans mostly, but still doesn’t give all vintage blues tones.