Plugin Compatibility - Quad Cortex Development Update - September 2023


This is absolutely fantastic! The approach to supporting plugins is ideal, providing the flexibility for us to use the components of the various plugins we own with the existing QC blocks in any signal chain we need. I’m really looking forward to this, and want to congratulate and thank NDSP for an excellent and well-designed feature.


So does this mean that whatever patches are created in the various compatible Plug Ins can be imported directly into the Quad Cortex and used live? Kind of like Helix Native and the Helix hardware? Basically will the patches between the Plug In and the QC be interchangeable?


using the Control desktop editor, plug-in presets can be sent to the QC. It doesn’t say if that would work the other way around though

It’s great news, wasn’t sure this day would come!

I am a bit surprised that NDSP is going through the trouble of linking up with iLok, etc, instead of just making plugins free for QC owners. After all, it’s a very expensive piece of hardware and now users might feel they need to spend even more to get the most out of it. Making them free on QC would have made implementation easier and faster, made existing QC owners very happy, and made QC even more attractive to buyers on the fence.


Can I ask what all the fuss is about plug-in compatibility? ; Is this simply because people who use plug-gins for recording* want to then be able to use the same sounds live?; or do the plugins sound/feel more realistic than the QC? (maybe they are more tweakable?)
*Why not use the QC?; saves Mac/Pc/DAW resources?)

What interests me about the update is the following:

“Transpose, Doubler, and Metronome. A Live Tuner will also be added to the global features” - so this means we’ll at some point have a metronome built in and a tuner function which is more usable in a live situation? (instant on, rather than hold etc)


NDSP are doing exactly as you’re suggesting:

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Many of the plug-ins were around long before the QC. Some were recording with them, others- like me, were also using them live via laptop and interface. When the QC was announced it was extremely appealing to be able to have an all-in-one unit incorporating the NDSP plugins for gigging.
Perhaps the biggest appeal is that our presets from the PI’s will translate to the QC.

I’d assume the ‘live tuner’ will be a tuning display that will always be showing no matter what view you’re in; you wouldn’t have to ‘pull up’ the tuner mode. Not sure how they’d implement that, but I think that’s the idea.

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Ah I see, yeah it makes sense if you’ve tweaked a sound for recording a while back and would easily like to use that sound for gigging without having to spend time tweaking on the QC.

It’s good to see Nural making good progress with stuff like this - I guess I’m lucky in a way that I only got my unit (after selling my Fractal AX8) earlier this year, so from the get go it felt like a pretty complete unit to me (once they added Hybrid mode at least, which I’m sure will be tweaked for more versatility down the road)

Always on tuner would be handy - maybe a polyphinic tuner like my TC electronics one would be possible with a quick mute feature?

For me, I’m just waiting for some of the extra Wah models which were originally listed, as in the absence of being able to deep dive in to the wah settings/frequencies like on a fractal, it’d be nice to have a nice rage of wahs/sweeps (I’ll create a post on Wah’s, as to me they lack something compared to Fractal)

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Is the ‘no trials on QC’ a permanent decision? I would absolutely put up with ‘always online’ for those two weeks that’s what was necessary.

I would want to try dropping different parts of the plugins into my existing presets, to see if there’s improvement over captures/whether Rabea is worth getting just for the Cali SE model etc…

Having transpose and an easily accessible tuner for the QC would be a total game changer. I have to use an extra pedal for tuning changes + prefer an outside tuner that has immediate access for live. I think the tuner for the QC is very responsive when hitting the note, but damn is it unusable when trying to check tuning super quick live with a set that has lots of transitions between songs so the lag to turn it on doesn’t work.

What are the chances I could eventually buy a plugin for the QC without having to use ilok?

Not gonna happen.

What is your rationale?

Highly doubt they’ll change their license system between the platforms. Especially if they’re trying to keep stuff simple between anyone who has the plugin and QC. Would also be super annoying for anyone that later gets a QC and then has to do a separate license authorization system for the products

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That’s a good shout, wasn’t considering interop both ways.

Good news! But can i finally turn on/off tuner in desktop plugin via midi command?:thinking:

I may be wrong, but my understanding of this passage is that they will add the features (live tuner, metronome, etc.) to the desktop plugins, not the QC.
But as I said, I might be wrong.


exactly the thoughts I had as I read through the news. the approach as is (handling plugins like a set of blocks) could feel like you have to buy DLCs on top of the (not small amount of) money QC owners spend on the QC itself to access certain amps and effects. Feels like the slowly approaching introduction of a paywall for future additions and I’m not sure what to think about this.

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Mike@NDSP seemed to indicate in Discord that these would possibly make it to the QC, but it wasn’t exactly definitive.