Plugin Compatibility - Quad Cortex Development Update - September 2023

It’s very confusing because the answer is listed under a question regarding the QC and is mentioned basically alongside info for the QC. To me it feels like they’re updating the plugins to have transpose, etc….which is part of them updating for the QC compatibility.

The only thing that seems for sure from this confusing update is- they’ll make Plini X available for purchase, but they don’t know when it’ll actually work on the QC. It’ll be an update in the future lol.

To be clear, Archetype: Plini will become Archetype: Plini X. It’s already available for purchase, and will be a free update to current owners.

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Yes. Neural will make Plini X available to purchase, and eventually it will work on QC. Confusing since they’re like- well, we’re updating it and talking about it in a QC development update. So you can buy it, but at some point in the future (not sure when) it will work in QC and we have mockups of the QC screen to prove it. You can buy it for your QC, but we don’t know when it’ll work for the unit.

Other confusing part which took a little to understand was that Plini X isn’t a free update for current QC owners. Their wording is kinda weird since it’s listed with a QC update. I didn’t expect Plini X to be free, BUT the dev update wasn’t as clear as it should have been

I dunno man, I thought it was pretty straight forward. ‘X’ denominates ‘QC compatible’. Plini is the first to be ready. Other plugins will follow, and once they’re updated, will sport the X name. The QC is not ready for it yet, but it’s in the works. (Cortex control coming next week, so don’t hold your breath). You have to own the plugins for them to work on the QC.

Good grief, I don’t know why everyone keeps getting hung up on this:

You have to OWN the plug-in on your computer [i.e. you purchased it] before it becomes AVAILABLE FOR FREE on your QC.

Neural have said this since day one.

If you don’t own the plug-in, it will not show up on your account for your QC to download.

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I understood the announcement perfectly, already being familiar with the concept that plugin-on-device will only be available for the plugins you have purchased (or any they give away). However, I agree, the wording regarding the “free” bit was not clear.

Does anybody know if the QC and plug in will be connected in real time? If I have a preset open on the plug-in and make changes, do they change the QC preset parameters automatically, and vice versa? Or, if not, then the QC will just be a midi controller for the plugins?

I think neither will be the case because on the QC you will have seperaten blocks for each effect, amp, etc. the plugin contains and you are able to mix those blocks in a preset with all the other blocks the QC offers.

The way I understand the following sentences, it will not be real-time. It sounds more like when you open Cortex Control, the presets from the plugin will be synced onto the QC.

Can I use my plugin presets on Quad Cortex?
Yes! Cortex Control (the Quad Cortex desktop controller) will be the bridge between ‘X’ plugins and Quad Cortex. Cortex Control will scan your presets folders upon launch, parse your presets for your QC-compatible plugins, and duplicate those Presets on your Quad Cortex. Cortex Control will be available before plugin compatibility launches.

Do you think we will be able to use each amp or effect from the plugin as a standalone block?

If I like the delay or chorus of a certain plugin, could I use that effect as a block on my QC created presets?

Yes. Plugin Compatibility - Quad Cortex Development Update #41 - Neural DSP

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Awesome! Thanks :slight_smile:

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When is this going to be released? Are there other plugins besides Plini X that are working?

We don’t know as of now.

Plini X will be the first to be ported to the QC. But as of now, no plugin is. As for the future, we don’t know.