Quad Cortex Development Update - July 2023


now that’s what im talkin about

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Is there a list of which plugins will be the first to have compatibility? And how exactly it is going to work (just a right idea)?

Will miracle’s never cease. I hope that the beta testers are quick but VERY through. So much good news at once! :smile:

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no, but they did mention Plini would be one of the first in a previous Dev Update.


So how exactly would this work ? The plugins I purchased will show automatically in quad cortex ?

You’ll probably just bang the serial in from your plugin purchase or something? :man_shrugging:

we aren’t really sure yet. Most likely the elements of the Plugin will be available as individual blocks to DL onto the QC. Plugins licenses are managed by iLok, and we really have no idea how they’re bridging that issue to the QC

What has been updated?

Some of the features were listed here (not complete and subjected to change):

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