Plug in/Stand-Alone noise

Hey guys, I’m needing help as this issue is doing my head in. I’m getting ridiculous amounts of background fuzz/hissing noises in ALL amp sims I’m running. Both stand alone and plug in. This is without any instrument being plugged in. Most notably, when I run phantom power to the DI box in my chain, I start getting the noise and when I turn phantom off, all goes quiet.

The DI box is not much more than a month after old, but I’ve never had this type of issue with them. If anyone has had issues similar to this any help on getting rid of all this noise would be immensely appreciated

My current chain is as follows;

Guitar > Behringer DI20 > Scarlett 2i2 > PC

Try moving your DI box power supply to a different outlet and checking that everything is plugged in all the way.

Hey friend. Thanks for the suggestion, however the DI does not power from an outlet. It’s either a 9v battery or the 48v from the interface. That being said, I am exploring a power conditioner to see if that will help reduce some of the noise.