Base Guitar Noise/ Ground Noise


Probably a pretty noob question here, but I have tried both the Archetype Nolly/Abasi plug ins and (while i love them) I notice that when I use the heavier gain amps I can hear my base guitar underneath the noise of the plug in. It is very noticeable and annoying, especially if I strum hard enough. I am currently using a Presonus AudioBox USB96 for my DI. I am using all the amps in their standalone features. Anyone have any suggestions? The presonus support website does not seem to have any information about how to troubleshoot this issue. I saw a similar thread of this issue on these forums, but that person was using a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and the issue was resolved with one button press.

Also, I do notice when I turn my mixer nob all the way up on my audiobox it does limit my base guitar noise in the cleaner tones, but I can still hear it very clearly with the higher gain tones.


Hello @drew.golden. We do have some tips to improve the quality of the signal:

I hope it helps!