Simple Yes or No Question

So simple question, is anyone getting the same issue I’m having?
I’ve attached a sample of the issue I’m having here:

Basically mid to high gain tone, simple palm mute and let it ring out but getting this weird hiss afterwards.
Mid to high gain tone (this example was Nolly 5150, Gain at 3 and OD2 on with minimal gain also, Gate at 60).
I’ve spoken with Neural support and they think its odd but nothing to do with the plugin, I’ve spoke with two guitar techs and had the guitar given the ok (no grounding issues), I’ve changed my interface which leaves the computer as the last possible issue. I’ve read in other forums that people have suffered similar issues but haven’t been able to resolve it. But also spoken with a few people who think it isn’t normal, so I’m interested to get an idea on if other people using amp sims are having the same issue, is it 5% of users with the issue, 20%? 50%? 95%?

A simple yes or no below is all I’m needing.*

*Edit: respond with “yes I am having this problem” or “no I am not having this problem”, as a simple yes or no is not allowed.

Cheers all.

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Ok then, respond with “yes I am having this problem” or “no I am not having this problem”

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(Sounds like a noisy signal amplified by a compressor to me)

Cheers David, no compressor active, signal i believe is clean, but good to know your not experiencing it, were able to test with just single palm mutes? Thanks again.

Is your interface bus powered or does it have its own separate power supply?

I’ve had this happen with bus powered interfaces (they’re prone to grounding/noise issues a lot) or the wiring in a specific building being really bad. Had both of these things happen with different artists I was working with who were tracking remotely. For the grounding/noise issue in their apartment building that artist had to bring their setup to another building nearby to record and all the noise issues went away (same exact setup, etc).

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To me this sounds like a grounding hum from a bad wall outlet (which then is processed by a compressor).

Have you tried another outlet or even another room (or location)?

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I’ve had this issue some time ago and they’re just interferences coming from an old or bad electrical installation + light interferences (if you put a lit bulb near your selected pickup you’ll hear this noise increases, specially with single coil pickups since they don’t have the magnetic flux closed like humbuckers do).

If you’re using a laptop, try disconnecting it from the socket so you’ll hear just the interference from the lights in case there’s one lit near the pickups.

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Additional try turning of (unplugging is even better) every electrical device that is in the same room. I know of cases where printer power supplies and all other sorts of stuff located a few meters away from the recording location would cause mad interferences that got picked up by pickups, badly shielded cables or by the power supplies of effects / interfaces (power supply noise can “travel” through the cables that connect your wall sockets). A lot of devices come with cheap power supplies nowadays whereby switching supplies are the worst in a lot of cases.

This thread is not about the QC. If I read the original question correctly the poster is using NeuralDSP plugins.

Wonder if this could have helped “that artist.” Workarounds make funny stories sometimes, but really suck in the moment.

I am absolutely having this same issue. I’ve complained for months. I’m not super sure what to try and solve it.

try contacting NeuralDSP support by mail