Humming and Hissing noise from Studio Monitors

So my signal chain is pretty simple and looks like this.

Guitar>> Interface>> Laptop

My interface is connected to my studio monitors via balanced cables (TRS).

Guitar - Ibanez RG-7421
Monitors - Mackie CR4
Interface - Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen.

The hum is always there however the noise gate cuts it off while Im not playing. But my tone sounds shitty because of this huge noise.
Also, a major thing that I notice is that 90% of the hum is eliminated when I remove the power adapter from my laptop.
Sounds like a ground loop to me.

Will purchasing a DI box fix this issue?
My other guitar (Schecter Demon 8) has the same issue albeit with less humming.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @se7en. In addition to DI boxes, I’ve seen people recommend power conditioners and hum suppressors to fix similar issues. Not sure which would apply to your case, but I found this video showing a similar problem.

There’s also another thread about this topic. You may find some tips: Noise/Hissing Sound whenever playing

Thanks for the help! Really appreciate it.
Will check these out.

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