Weird noise/artefacts

I’m really not getting the sound I expected out of the plug-in. Doesn’t sound sonically as I’ve heard from demos (even first impressions demos with no processing) mostly just weird noise and artefacts lingering over the sound, most notably with palm muting, I’ve included a link to a sample of the issue I’m dealing with, I’ve spoke with guitar techs and neural support and all have said it is an odd issue but none are sure how to fix it, The guitar has been ruled out by the guitar tech, as there are no issues on actual amps.


I’ve got new cables, new Focusrite 2i2, KRK rockit 5 gen4’s. System has no problem running software.

Really hoping someone has come across this issue and a fix before because so far im at a loss.

Cheers in advance.

Is this sound sample recorded direct from DAW? Also, have you looked at your I/O to ensure you aren’t clipping? Lastly, I doubt it’s a sample size issue but you could try adjusting the size to see if that makes any difference. To me it sounds a lot like gain stage clipping.

Yep, recorded in DAW. Unfortunately not a clipping issue, input gain is fairly low and nothing hitting red on either the interface or meter. Tried changing sample rate before with no luck.

Good diagnostics and sounds like you have tried everything. There isn’t much to the plug-in unless it’s something to do with ASIO? If nobody replies to the thread, I would email

They will be able step through your setup and determine how to resolve.

Did you ever figure this out? im having the exact same sound with my plugins.

Hi , I’ve been having the exacty same problem with Plini X . Did you ever get a fix for your issue as Ive tried everything I can think of. Thanks !