Plini Plugin Crackling on Apple M1

Out of a sudden from one day to another I hear bad cracklings with my plini 2.01 plugin on my MacBook Pro 2021 M1. I suspect an performance issues as on my Istat Menues Performance Tool I can see that Plini is using 131% of the CPU. Not other big application are running in parallel I change cables. I use a SSL2 audio interface with USB-C

Try changing the settings Audio Buffer Size. Larger buffers use less computing resources and generally reduce the potential for cracks and pops - but at the expense of greater latency.

I had it on 512 sample which is quite average and was working well for 6 months. Changed to 1056 same issues. Beside the M1 is on of the fastest PC processors out there.

I typically shy away from using Plini because of the performance on my M1. Hopefully an update is coming!