What's Up with Plini CPU usage?!

I could barely even run 1 instance on my old iMac with a hard disk which was understandable, but I recently just got an iMac Pro and even with the buffer size up I could still only run 3 instances before I started getting crack and pops.

Is the cpu usage that high?!

Kind of a bummer to be on a “pro” machine which I thought would be overkill and still top it out with this plugin.

@keithosaavedra hey man…there are some pc optimisation techniques posted by neural dsp…somewhere here…just go through it…might help


Thank you! I have! and I’ve watched their video in optimizing CPU usage. I know I can easily workaround it. I’m just curious as to why it’s so CPU hungry. I can run a few softsynths, midi drums with processing and a mastering chain all with no problem but 3 instances of Plini is the max without all the other stuff is too much. Keep in mind this is for tracking so I need the buffer relatively low.

they are a bit CPU heavy i guess… but that is definitely justified by the quality and tone…they are very realistic…maybe that’s why. it might get better with future updates who knows. still enjoying nonetheless!

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Definitely! They do sound awesome. The FX on Plini are worth the price of admission alone imo.

I can use 2-3 Nolly plus an instance of Parallax on my MacMini 2018, at buffer 64 as the DAW can utilize one processor thread per track. Heaviest cpu load is while tracking (real time monitoring) so I have to remember to disengage the input when listening to the recorded track.

Maybe Plini is even more cpu hungry than Nolly

I don’t know if it’s an acceptable alternative for you, but the version 1.0.2 is less CPU hungry that 2.0.x versions.
I made a topic about that some month ago.