Plini not valid 64 bit AAX plugin

Hi, can’t use the plugin in pro tools, see message from pro Tools

Hello @anderskarlsson. Please try to do a clean install of the Plug-In. Open the following path location and delete the old Archetype Plini AAX file.

After that, download the latest version from here and run the installer. Also, be sure that iLok License Manager is up to date.

Hi, that worked ,thanks, really appreciated, I see now that is what is recommended when reading the instructions, sorry to totally missed that, but now it works, :slight_smile:

/ Anders

No problem. Glad it worked.

Is there a further recommendation if the above solution does not work?

Try updating Pro Tools if you’re using an older version. If you’re on macOS Sierra, try updating your OS as well.

Deleting Pro Tools preferences could also help.