Archetype Plini - not loading in DAW and standalone not launching

I’m not sure if those issues are related, but first I tried to load Plini in my DAW (Studio one 4 PRO, latest version), and this plugin makes S1 to stuck at scanning plugin (at launch), only way to go forward is to skip the scan and use the daw without the plugin (Other plugins are fine). So after several possible fixes (reinstalled s1, reinstalled Plini, etc etc) I tried to use the standalone version, and this version doesn’t even launch. After I double click on the icon, I get the loading windows pointer for a couple of seconds and then nothing. I have windows 10 - 64

I honestly don’t know what to do anymore.

Any help?

Hello, @francesco.b. Maybe you haven’t activated the plug-in. Take a look at this video:

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You know what? After seeing that I have to install a thing that looks like a malware from the 90s, then how long it takes to create an ilok account (they want a lot of information) I’ve changed my mind. All this hassle just to try out a new plugin? Sorry but no thanks.
Moreover, how was I supposed to know that? there’s no error message, no pop up box telling me to go on ilok and nothing on the site’s installer.

It’s been a while that I haven’t seen such a bad user experience. Maybe another time…

Yoo just wanna say this worked for me on Nolly. Got a new laptop, and i figured it needed some sort of verification. :sleepy: Thanks!

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