Please Make all Cabs From Every Plugin I own "Unlocked" for use with other NDSP Amp Models I Own

I understand you are doing a lot of maintenance updates to you Plugins. Thank you.

Please, would you consider making all of the Cabs usable across the different plugins models that we purchase? I mean, if I own a Fortin, Gogira rig, a Soldano, and a Henson rig, I should be able to mix and match the amps with any cab from any modeled plugin I own without having to make an IR file of each. You already have the IR files made. So, if I buy it, I would prefer the cab be unlocked for use with a different amp.

Example: Hensons Amp with Fortin’s Cab, Gogira’s Cab, or Soldano’s Cab, not just Henson Cab.