Purchased plugins to be available in amp list

Hey guys,
I was wondering if it is possible in the near future to use my purchased Tim Henson and Fortin Nameless plugins in my QC as an amp. It is really strange to neural capture my tone with the other product of the same company.
Any info?
Thank you,

QC doesn’t do purchased plug-ins right now, but it is being worked on. No word on any date when this feature could be released.

A lot of people are sore about it. This thread should be closed before another wave of dissatisfaction ripples through forum.


Oh, so this is in progress, but there’s no deadline yet?
Sorry, I didn’t mean to cause any frustration. I’m just curious if it will be an option or if we’ll need to deal with the neural capture.

Here’s the latest communication where they specifically address plug-in compatibility with QC:

Thank you! I should read more news. :smiley:

Gonna close this one out!