Please help an absolute Beginner

Hey guys,

I got the Quad Cortex a couple of weeks ago. Sadly I am kinda stuck with the setup. I want to install the drivers, but I can’t even find them on the download page. All I can find is this page: USB Audio but when I click on the provided link I get redirected to the download page where I cannot find them, just the archetypes are listed there.

Also, what is going on with the different accounts? I need one for the official neural dsp page, one for this community, and I also have to create one for iLok (I didn’t do that yet) ? What do I even need the iLok account for?

I want to setup the quad cortex as an audio interface and have access to updates/captures from the community etc but I am kinda lost on how to get there.

Can someone help me out? I must be blind…

Thank you for your help.

Hey @hakunayourtatas, sorry to hear you’re having problems. You can download the USB audio driver for the QC here.

You do not need an iLok account if you are not using our plugins.

I hope that helps!


Thank you for your reply Dan. Driver installation worked fine.

Glad to hear it! Hope you love your QC!