ASIO drivers? Doens't look like they're available

I see that the manual and website state that if you’re using the QC for an audio interface to install the Neural QC ASIO drivers. Link goes to a download page with a lot of plugins and archetypes but no drivers. I also see some forum threads that are about 4-12 months old complaining of issues with the drivers, so maybe they were pulled and the suggestion is to use ASIO4ALL until Neural comes out with something better.

So am I right in thinking that there are no official ASIO drivers right now and that I should use ASIO4ALL for now? Or is the download link just going to the wrong place?

EDIT since locked now: I get it. The driver download on the page isn’t very well labeled. It just says Quad Cortex, doesn’t actually state that it’s the audio driver.

Hi @tjbassoon , this link works fine (just verified) and yes you would use the proprietary QC driver and not the ASIO4ALL drivers. The most current driver available is 5.31.1 - February 1st 2022. Any issues with the previous drivers were resolved during previous firmware/software:

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