Phantom input at Ret1 Jack since May 2021!

Now we have Core OS 1.3 and this issue still persists! :frowning:

I don’t believe that Neural is able to fix that after this long time.

I could imagine that Neural is stalling us until warranty is over :frowning:

This is so sad…

I’ve seen this issue on forums before. I feel like it might be an issue that has to be repaired and not fixable with software??? Have you contacted support? They might need to tune your QC up.

@JbrNQC - Hey! This is a UI bug and will be fixed, nothing is wrong with the unit. Thanks for your patience.

On a side note, there’s no reason to say we’re trying to stall until warranty is over. Our CEO Doug has been very clear we will not leave any users hanging and users will receive support with their units (even users that buy their units second hand). :slightly_smiling_face: