Phantom Input on Return Jack 1

Any time I insert my headphones it thinks there is a cable attached to return 1. Do your units do the same? Wondering if I should send this back to Sweetwater.

No, my unit doesn’t! HW sense problem? You should send the issue to

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Cool, thanks. I just submitted a ticket a little bit ago and they just responded. Appreciate you replying.

Same here but without insert the headphones… what did the support tell you?

Hi there. I have the same problem and it still persists after core update 1.1 just now… :thinking:

Same for me, the firmware did not fix the bug

hey all. unfortunately they stopped responding to my emails after I sent a few replies with all the details they needed. I ordered mine through Sweetwater and worked out getting a replacement through them. I waited for the most latest batch to come through and just recently got the replacement. This new unit works great with no issues. I hope you all have better luck with support than I did.

Support told me it’s a graphics bug and will be fixed in an upcoming update … your problem is slightly different, however I don’t think it’s just a graphics bug.

The Problem still persists after update to core 1.2.0
Could someone pleas confirm that?

Thats annoying!


Same problem here. I sent a new request to the support in order to clarify the situation because I expected the bug (considered only graphic) to be solved quickly.

I can’t replicate the issue, I would suggest opening a ticket with NDSP to resolve if needed.

Hi there,
this is the proof that this issue is NOT a pure software issue as stated by Neural!
There are at least different maybe buggy hardware revisions out there.
If I experience more secrecy from Neural in the future I consider to return my device to
my local seller!
I ask Neural to more play with open cards in the future or my trust will fade to black!!!

Hi Waterbound!

Thank you for this valuable Info!!!

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