A story of customer support

Around August 2022, I purchased a Quad Cortex from a local Australian reseller, but soon encountered a bug where outputs would experience signal crossover. I reported the issue to the support team, but was not given any effective assistance. I then sought help from the local reseller, but they initially suggested that the issue was with my setup, even though the manual clearly supported what I was doing, but they offered to replace it.

After getting the replacement and upgrading the firmware to 1.4, the issue persisted. I spent several weeks trying to find a solution and reached out to Neural DSP support multiple times, sending videos of my setup and the issue. I also tried this forum and other platforms for assistance, but to no avail. In the end, I was told to send the unit back to Finland for repair, which I did. The unit was returned “fixed” after two months, but the issue was still there. At this point, I was feeling frustrated and my efforts to find a solution had come to a standstill. I fired off a pretty charged email to them last night, which I may have regret sending in the heat of the moment.

Left with literally not other options; I updated the QC to v2 last night, which, thankfully, fixed the bug.

I understand that these kinds of technical issues can be challenging, but I felt that the support experience was lacking. Neural’s lack of accountability or responsibility only added to the frustration. I hope that in the future, these issues can be handled in a more effective and customer-friendly manner.


Thanks for the feedback and glad you resolved your issues!