Petrucci plugin crashes - System Overload - Logic Pro

Bought the Petrucci plugin, loving its tones. But consistently it Overloads the CPU and I see System Overload msgs in Logic Pro. CPU is 136-180% range. I’ve seen this happen when there are mulitple instances of the plugin in my project file.

Anyone else has similar issues?

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Hi there!

Yes, I noticed exactly the same working yesterday with Petrucci’s plugin.
I run a macbook with 2,6Ghz 8GB ram but still crashing.

With other NeuralDSP plugins I had the same issue and fix it running a “first aid” scan in disk utility to fix all the permissions.

Have a look in these links to optimize Logic performance:


@gakkamusic - Please review the system requirements page.

Also send us an email so we can troubleshoot.

hey there, thanks for your response, seems like Petrucci plugin needs the M1 chip it doesn’t work very well with Intel based previous versions of macs. I played it on another computer with M1 chip and the CPU usage is contained. I didn’t realize neural plugins would require an upgrade like that.