Huge Battery Drain and CPU usage with Plini and OMEGA

Hi everyone! Does someone experienced huge battery drain and CPU usage using OMEGA and Plini? This happens to me both in Logic Pro X, Cubase or standalone app. I’m talking of more than 100 Energy impact on system monitoring app and more than 120% of CPU usage (Turboboost activates…). With four guitar tracks with Neural DSP plugins I go over 300 of energy impact and 300% of CPU usage… I’m on a MacBook Pro 16 with Mac OS Catalina 10.15.3, please help :cry:

Hello @vito.verde. The system monitoring app shows the usage of each execution thread, the percentage is related to every core and virtual thread of your machine.

The maximum percentage will depend on the cores and threads of your CPU. If it’s a dual-core, the max will be 200%. If it’s a quad-core with hyperthreading, the max will be 800%.

To verify the “True” percentage, you can check the system information of your Mac (Choose Apple menu > About this Mac > System report) and divide the amount by the number of cores and threads. In fact, it will coincide with the usage showed by the Activity monitor. 1

@Gonzalo my Mac has intel i7 6-cores, that means more than 50%. The fan of Mac starts make lot of noise. I downloaded intel power gadget and it says 4 Ghz are required. This is absurd, in this conditions my Mac battery drains in about 1h and a few minutes. Don’t you think this is strange on a new 2019 MacBook using only 4 guitar tracks? I tried use Logic Pro with more than 15 tracks without neural dsp plugins: the energy impact is 30 to 80 and the CPU usage 30%-90% that divided 6 cores means 5-15%.