Petrucci use with Studio One V6 problems

I’ve been trying the Petrucci plugin and really like it. But, I have these weird things that happen. Sometimes the app crashes. Sometimes, when I’m away for a day, the plugin stops working, like it’s not getting a signal and I have to restart Studio One. Sometimes, the output volume from the plugin starts going down until it’s maybe 20db down.

I’m using S1 V6 and a very strong PC. Is anyone else seeing this type of behavior?

Hi @mkeilhofer and welcome to the community! I specifically use Studio One and have never had that kind of issue with the NDSP plugins. I would recommend to check and or adjust your sample size that you are using with your interface. It sounds like your interface may be having issues staying connected via USB. I would also verify that your PC USB ports aren’t going to sleep which might be a BIOS setting etc. Worst case, email and they will review your setup with you and get you sorted quickly.

I haven’t found their support to be that good. It’s not a connection problem. Now the plugin uses 55% of a 16-core system when used with Studio One but only 2% when used as a stand-alone app. I have many other guitar amp sims and none display these issues. I love the sound but so far, I find it unreliable.

I have a similar problem with Petrucci in Studio One on my Intel Mac mini with six core as well. I’m running Ventura. Petrucci doesn’t work reliably and has terrible performance in S1. In Logic, performance is much better and I tested running 11 instances with a 128 sample buffer size without any issues at all. AU version of the plug in in both cases. Could of course be an S1 problem.