CPU load issues with Archetype Cory Wong, Plini, and Fortin Suite

I am new to Neural Dsp and have really been enjoying the free trails the last 10 days or so. All of a sudden all pluggins I’ve been trailing have had CPU issues in Fl studio. It happened overnight and it is only when Neural Dsp pluggins are being used. Files I have worked on with no issues are now crackling and popping from CPU overload when 3 gigs are still available in FL studio. Capture

Hi @sethhad. That’s probably caused by a recent change on your computer (background task, thermal throttling, etc). Go through the optimization guide, paying close attention to the analysis tools. Check if the CPU clock is suddenly below the base frequency or if there are processes running that could be utilizing too much CPU.

Hi Gonzalo,

Thank you for your reply, I have gone through the optimization guide, as reset FL to the default settings, then returned them to the optimized settings with no luck. When I open my largest file I have no issues when CPU, CPU only becomes an issue with the Neural DSP plugins. Could there be an issue with the plugins or would it be something on my computer?

Thanks for your help,

There’s no way for us to make changes remotely. If the plugins worked fine a few days ago, it means something must’ve changed in your system. If I had to guess, I’d say it could be caused by thermal throttling or something similar affecting the base clock of your CPU. Of course, the only way to know is by doing a stress test to check if the temperatures and base clock are ok.

Also, if you’re on a laptop, using it connected to the power outlet is a must.