PC(MAC) Editor?

Am I the only one who is curious about when the PC editor will be developed and announced?


I would imagine everyone is curious but we won’t get a specific date until it’s ready.

PC /Mac editor would be amazing, For those of us who have our QC integrated into a pedal board this would be helpful


I hope to know the date.

I totally agree with that.

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Agreed. it was promised right after the release and it’s now been 6 months …


That’s nonsense. Do you work for the company? Because that sounds like a canned typical corpo reply. We don’t need a concrete date. Some idea of a release and where they are in development would be great. There’s basically been no official word about it since release that I can find. If I’m mistaken maybe someone can point me to where they talk about it.

Maybe allow some of the earliest adopters of this product beta test it ya know since it was promised on release in the marketing. I’m kind of in a stand still. I bought this unit for 1 thing only. To profile our hundred or so amps to offer to customers. I have a Kemper already as well as tons of amps. So I really didn’t need this piece no matter how nice for my personal use. And this situation with the editor is kinda holding me up.

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Some word from Doug on the status of the Editor is needed because the natives are getting restless. I know cause I’m one of um…

No, I don’t work for NDSP and can only go on what they have indicated unfortunately. The last official up from their NDSP site:

Quad Cortex Development Update - June 2021

We are making fantastic progress with CorOS and development on Cortex Cloud. We previously intended to release CorOS 1.0.4 to bring the Delay & Reverb optimizations and auto-engage feature forward while we continued to work on CorOS 1.1.0; the version for which they were originally planned.

As 1.1.0 has progressed quicker than we anticipated, we have decided to not make version 1.0.4 and we’ll instead release 1.1.0 in its place. Beta testing for 1.1.0 has already begun, and we expect it to be available within the next couple of weeks.

CorOS 1.0.3 was released on May 31st and included Multi-Out as well as a handful of bug fixes. We also just released Cortex Mobile 1.1, which most notably includes new sharing functionality to allow you to link to Profiles/Presets/Captures from outside of the app.

CorOS 1.1.0 is our biggest release so far, and fixes and changes a lot of items in the background that will improve system performance and edge-case issues. It also includes the Delay & Reverb optimizations, as well as expression pedal auto-engage, a new Flanger, and several user experience improvements that we will detail in the changelog.

The Plate Reverb, Shimmer, Pitch Shifter/Harmonizer, Freeze, and the new amps are still being developed and will be made available after 1.1.0. Furthermore, the planned increase of Capture & IR storage capacity will likely be introduced in version 1.1.1, which will follow soon after 1.1.0.

Preset & Capture Bundling when sharing, and the improved File Manager & Metadata will proceed alongside some big changes to Cortex Cloud. We’ll share more information about this soon.

We have shipped over 5,000 units now, and Quad Cortex recently landed in Japan! If you are still waiting to receive a Quad Cortex you have pre-ordered from a dealer, thank you for your continued patience. Our manufacturing team continues to work tirelessly to get all units delivered as quickly as possible.

Hi there people, I’m a newbe to the forum, by the way

I myself would be very satisfied with a desktop app and transferring it to the QC, Archetype-like would be useful, so I don’t have to plugin the CQ when I’m recording. What I also would like to see is the possibility to integrate my purchased Archetype plugins and transferring it, including all IR’s to my QC (also my own presets). Of course the NSDP team has to program it in a way that it’s licensed, because illegal transfers to the cloud could be avoided, that’s a point to consider for the NDSP team (I’ve been working in the IT for 22 years, not anymore, though).

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