Parametric Equaliser - dial in frequencies precisely via rotary knobs (instead of unusable frequency jumps)

The Parametric EQs (PEQ3 and PEQ8) of the Quad Cortex cannot be used for fine control, precise cuts of annoying frequencies or filtersweeps to find these annoying frequencies. One single notch of a rotary knob results in relatively big jumps of, say 30 or 40 hz in lower registers (eg 200 hz) or 300 hz in upper registers (7000 hz). The parametric EQs cannot be used as they should be used - the more so when working with acoustic guitars/instruments or vocals when you want to fix feedback issues (150 to 400 hz!) or quacky sounds (700 to 1000 hz!).

NDSP, please fix this, this is a major drawback for anyone who wants to fine control the sound of his/her Quad Cortex. Thank you!

Real time analyzing would be fantastic too

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While I get that fine pitch on the knobs would be better, just to make sure you know you can press the values and edit them with the keyboard

I know it can be done but this is just no way to find and dial in the right frequencies of your desired sound. Unless you want to mess around for ages ;-).