Setting Parametric EQ frequencies precisely with rotary knobs/touch screen not possible?

(I posted this also in the TGP QC owners thread)
fellas, is there a way how to dial in the frequency bands of the parametric EQs precisely - except typing it in per keyboard, which is not useful at all? See, if you want to set a frequency like a notch filter (Q = 10 or so) and then sweep through the frequencies to find the annoying sound which you want to cut, it’s is simply not possible. Whether you use the touchscreen or the switches (moving them slowly), the frequency changes in steps of 70 or 80 hz when you are at, say 700 hz.

In other words: If you want to use the parametric EQs for finetuning, I can‘t find a way to do this. And you don‘t want to use the keyboard, type in a number and try and error (this is what the manual recommends to „fine control“). Am I missing something?

I changed the title slightly to make it clearer, and I got this answer from Doug Castro on TGP: „The knobs actually have an accelerometer, so you can move 100th of the range if you turn them slowly, and if you want faster jumps (like when adding bass or attenuating a super loud signal) the control will react more sensitively to the knob turns.“
But the problem remains: I DID turn the knobs slowly, but ONE notch means a jump of about 30 hz in lower registers (like 200 hz) and about 300 hz in upper registers (7000 hz). The touch response I get does not feel like an accelerometer. However: There seems to be no way how to sweep through the frequencies precisly and cut disturbing ranges like you do with notch filters. Now, how to treat acoustic instruments or voices when the feedback shit starts between 150 and 400 hz or you want to get rid of the typical ugly mids that occur between 700 to 1000 hz? The rotary knobs and the touch screen approach are much too coarse to achieve this, but isn’t this where you need parametric EQs most? I love the QC to bits but this is a major drawback because I plan to use it for acoustic stuff also.

Would you guys care to look into the parametric EQ and try this for yourself, maybe you know a solution? Much appreciated, thanks a bunch!

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I saw the exchange over on TGP and your suggestion is a good one.

This is something I’ve been doing for years with a PEQ to cut the resonant frequency of my speaker cab a bit. Will also be watching this thread closely.

Thanks for your support, Tonepilot and EL84_Abuser. Do you think NDSP follows the threads here closely or should I contact their support so they might look into this?

Have you made the suggestion yet in the proper area so it can be hired in. I don’t see it. I would vote for it.

Good point! Question is if I handle it as a suggestion under features requests or as a bug report. To me it feels like a bug, but others may see it as a feature to improve the existing EQs. What do you think?

Either way I would add it to the requests. I think it’s an upgrade but either way enough votes could get it done quicker.

I added this issue to the feature requests. So, please vote if you are interested.