Newbie from France

hello for all. it’s my first post here I’m for France. I’ve 62 years old
and I’m a proud owner of quad cortex since 10 days :slight_smile:
first sorry for py poor English :slight_smile:

My quad is connected to 2 headrush FR FR 108 with symmetric xls
all my preset sound with a too much bass and treble sounding like HI fi and sound harsh. at he first time I’ve use it the only change I’ve made is to update it

I’ve tried with Global EQ cutting bass at 85HZ and treble at 8Khz the result isn’t good for all the patch
I use input 1 setting impedance at 1M input level is very low because if I adjust it much higher that produce more boomy and harsh sound

it’s seems impossible. to customize all the patch with add an EQ
I’ve tried to create a new patch. its impossible to have a simple clean sound without add an EQ adjust the bass of the amp to only 1.5 and treble max for 4 on a US DELUXE

I’m sure that I’ve make a mistake somewhere but where.

many thank’s for your advice


Actually although perhaps requiring a bit more investment of time, adding customized EQs to each preset or even scene is just the ticket. Different combinations of amps, blocks, effects can require different EQ with some requiring none at all. EQ can be an essential part of shaping your tone when moving from clean to overdriven tones, different amps, cabs, IRs, captures as well as assisting in how an effect shapes your tone. For example, taking out the low-end flub before a distortion block for a more articulate sound.

The global EQ is generally more of a blunt force approach. Convenient for adjusting all presets simultaneously to the acoustics of a specific venue or to a change in the equipment you are using to monitor your QC with.