Excellent Parametric filters on QC

Love the parametric EQs on the QC, including the fact that they include a choice of filter types for each frequency band - Peak, Hi pass, Lo pass, Hi Shelf, and Lo Shelf.

Had a preset that was sounding very brittle and harsh in the high-mids. Dialed up a ‘Low-High Cut’ and a ‘Parametric-8’ block. First used the ‘Low-High Cut’ to find the offending frequency by just turning down the ‘LPF Freq’ parameter until much of the harshness went away. Took note of the frequency, turned the ‘LPF Freq’ back up so as not to kill my high end. Went to the ‘Parametric-8’ block and was able to use a ‘Peak’ filter and surgically set the dB level cut and depth of Q at the noted frequency where the harshness was occurring, while leaving the bulk of my tone intact - not crushed. Tone was great now.

Just very happy with how well the QC’s parametric EQ performed and I like its design and implementation. A really powerful tool for sculpting your tone. If they added an RTA option in the background it would be close to perfect.

Edited: Same method using just the ‘Parametric-8’ block detailed in post below.


Agreed. Hi Shelf in Parametric 8 is sooooo useful.

Occurred to me after you wrote this comment that although I used it in this case, I didn’t really even need the ‘Low-High Cut’ block at all. In my original post above, I used the ‘LPF-Freq’ parameter in the ‘Low-High Cut’ block because I already had that block in the preset.

However, this method could be executed entirely within the ‘Parametric-8’ block by selecting the ‘Lo pass’ filter on, for example band 8 on the ‘Parametric-8’ block and sweeping down until the nasty highs go away. Reset it to wherever you want your ‘Lo pass’ to kick in, e.g. 10khz, and then use a ‘Peak’ filter on one of the other bands dialed in around the frequency where you found the problem with the ‘Lo pass’ sweep. That should actually be a more efficient method than using both EQ blocks (‘Parametric-8’ and ‘Low-High Cut’) as I did in my initial post. If the preset is still shrill you can rinse and repeat.

The efficiency I referred to in the first post was using either the ‘Lo pass’ filter in the ‘Parametric-8’ (probably the preferred method upon reexamination) or the ‘LPF Freq’ in the ‘Low-High Cut’ block to find the problem area with a broad stroke. Quicker than starting by hunting and sweeping with a ‘Peak’ filter in the parametric EQ.

Once the problem area is identified I use the ‘Peak’ filter in the ‘Parametric-8’ to home in on it with a precise cut without losing much or any of the highs I want to retain.

Many users here are already familiar with this method or something similar. Just a breeze with the QC.

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The Para-8 is AWESOME! Great for adding mids for a searing tone.

the hi/low cut block is very useful because of it’s adjustable slope. I actually use on every preset for cutting ultra low and ultra high at steep slopes, which the PEQ doesn’t allow for. But I agree, the PEQ is the best out of any device I’ve used, including the axe fx III. It really feels like fabfilter on the QC