Finer EQ Frequency selection

I’d love to have even finer control of the frequency you select on the Parametric EQ. While right now it’s pretty great and very musical, there are those moments that I really want to do a deep Q 10 notch of a very specific frequency. I do this a lot for taming stuff in the 2-4khz range on super heavy distorted guitars.

For example, sometimes what I need is 2860hz but the QC’s freq selection works in steps, in this case 2744hz and 2912hz. Choosing one of those and widening the Q is the only workaround, but it makes tonal changes that are not the same as a super narrow notch.

Would love more control on the EQ!

Had the same problem and found the hidden solution to it ! Just double click on the frequency value and you will be able to enter the frequency you want with the keyboard !

Great call! Thanks a ton!

me too… today trying i have found this solution.
It would be fine if it was a button for “more precise” encoder rotation.
As in daw… the mouse has a velocity… but if i press (example) ctrl the mouse is to move a lot for steps…
A sort of rotation scaling
The large steps in Cortex is not so nice if i want search a tone resonance and so on…