Output Looper only in Mono when using in row 3 with row 1/2 as input - with 2.1.0

When sending the output of row 1 to row 3, the output of a looper is only in mono, when placed in row 3. When placed in row 1, the output is in stereo - see Factory Preset 6A ‘Moody Clean’ as example’: Simply record and listen via headphones: Output is in mono. Then move the Lopper to Row 1 and record again: the output is in stereo.
Does anybody experience the same and knows how to fix the issue?
Thanks Arno

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I confirm, same issue here!

Haven’t confirmed your bug but one workaround might be to take advantage of the ‘Routing Mode’ parameter on page 2 of the ‘Looper X’ block. You can place the looper block on any row you want including an unused one, for example, row 4. Then just use the ‘Routing Mode’ parameter to tell the looper where you want it to be in your route, e.g. Input, Output, etc… There are a lot of options as to how to route it. All without requiring it to be in a specific position on your grid. See pgs. 43 & 44 in the QC User Manual 2.10.

Hopefully the bug won’t impact the looper when used in this manner.

Thanks a lot for the hint. Setting the ‘Routing Mode’ from ‘Grid’ to ‘Multi’ does the trick as workaround.

Hello, I confirm. however: if we make a loop on row 1 and move the looper to a lower row row 3 + looper then it remains in stereo. The mono problem is only if we make a loop with the looper on a line row3 for example, and if we go up the looper again on line 1 it still remains in mono.