Stereo output interrupted by effects loop

My preset has an effects loop on send 3/ return 4. I use this for an EH 720 looper. With the effect loop active it puts my stereo effects in mono. If that makes sense.
Does anyone know a way around this?

I think it’s mono cuz you’re using only 1 send and 1 return. ie… if you use send 1/return 1; or send 2/return 2, you’d use the FX Loop 1 or FX Loop 2 blocks in your chain, and everything will be converted to mono.

If the pedal is capable of stereo output, you’d need to use 2 cables to send 2 outputs from the pedal to return 1 and return 2. ie… send 1 from QC to input of pedal, 2 outputs from the looper pedal to return 1 and return 2. In this case you would use FX Loop 1/2 block in the signal chain, and you will get it all in stereo.

Hope this makes sense/helps.

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Yeah, I see it now. They are mono loops.
This is an acoustic set up for me, dual source pickups.
I use both loops, one for looper, one for octave pedal.
I guess one answer is to use the internal looper, I’ve had problems with that and the EH is more expressive and safe.
Or skip the stereo idea.

Another thing you could try is using a trs to 2 ts splitter, and connect one of the looper’s outputs to both returns of the QC. this way you could use the other output on the looper as u need. I haven’t tried something like this, so I’m not a 100% sure if it would work, but worth a try!