How do stereo effects work in the QC?

I am planning on running my Mod/Delay/Reverb in stereo but am curious about how stereo effects work with the grid setup in the QC (primarily Mod, bc I plan on using my TimeLine and BigSky in a loop)

So if I have one mono signal and I add stereo chorus, and then use stereo output, does the chorus then automatically run in stereo? Or do I have to manually split the signal chain in the grid and run two separate outputs? Do you add one stereo effect for both signal chains? Just trying to understand how all of that routing would work.

Essentially, my goal is to run my mono input through all the comps/drives/etc, then split it off to go into 2 different amps, then run any stereo modulation effects. After that I want to run some sort of stereo looper out to my TimeLine and BigSky, back to the QC, an into two different cabs to finish the signal path.

Would I have to split my signal path at the amp, and bring them back together on the grid and run it through a single stereo mod effect? Can this be done whilst keeping the signal in stereo, or would that sum it back to mono? I hope not.

In the QC grid interface, if I see one line, my mind says “mono.” Is that always the case?

Any insight on this? I’m sure it will be a million times easier once I actually get my hands on this ting, but I’m trying to mentally plan out my signal paths before hand so I can hit the ground running


The only blocks that “sum” to mono are Amp blocks and other blocks that state they are Mono. You can run delays/verbs/mods on a single line and they will still be in stereo unless stated Mono.

Your biggest issue will be that you want two amps AND two cabs later on. I would suggest adding a splitter on the first row that splits from Row 1 to Row 2 AFTER your comps/drives then both Row 1 & 2 output to Row 3. Make sure your splitter is set to stereo and the sends are hard panned Left for Row 1 and Right for Row 2 if you want wide stereo.
Row 3 WILL NOT sum to mono unless you add a block that will. On Row 3 add your mods/delays/verbs and Send/Returns and then at the end of that row you can add a single cab and hard pan the cab speakers OR add another splitter with your dual cabs, just make sure the splitter is set to Stereo and Row 3 and Row 4 are panned accordingly. You can then set the splitter to return to Row 3 and then set outputs to Multi-Output or 1/2.