Other ways to “save”

The ability to “save” by midi command or footswitch action. (The tiny little disk icon for saving is too small and too close to other actions like screen/preset/stomp.) In the studio “saving” is hard enough, in a live performance it’s virtually impossible.

I don’t think that I’d, personally, have a use for saving by foot but I agree that the save icon is a pretty small target. I often end up opening the adjacent Settings drop-down menu when trying to save.

well if people actually vote this into existence i hope its a clunky enough procedure that I dont do it by accident, but also not something i would accidentally stomp on and then have issues getting easily back out of so i could actually do waht i want to

overall a bad idea imo but to each their own

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I agree, accidental save would be bad! (Although there is always undo) That is why I suggested a midi command. That way a user could choose a variety of ways to accomplish saving. It might me a separate controller, or simple a keyboard command translated to midi. The bottom line is the save icon is way too small and congested as it currently stands. A midi command would be ideal. (Honestly the midi implementation in the QC at this point is way too limited and way behind most of the competitors. Helix for example, rocks the midi implementation! ) I love the QC! The sounds, UI and size and 8 channels of usb audio are all fantastic! When it come to midi control, I am constantly frustrated. Just saying…