Create new mode. “MIDI Mode”

There is a bit of overlap, some conflicting requests, and a general demand for more MIDI implementation. What if there was a mode (i.e. preset/scene) named MIDI that allowed for total programming/assignment of the Cortex in a personal way (or MIDI blocks doing the same). I understand that we are not “there” yet with MIDI, but this seems like a win/win/win, especially if integrated with the editor. The MIDI mode could be saved as templates, clearly diagramed in the editor and even shared for further user development!

Im in a brainstorming stage, integrating the cortex with the H90 using MIDI. I do not want to purchase more gear. The morningstar midi devices would 100% get me “there.”

This part 1 video illustrates fantastically how an editor integrates simply, with devices to be controlled.

Im lovin’ this Cortex NOW, Its awesome. It has an incredible amount of versatility and sound shaping options utilizing digital routing, with relative ease all at the touch of your fingertips. But this proposed functionality…?

A lot of people ask to implement what line6 helix does with it’s “Command Center”. Your idea would basically be that, or did I overlook something? The Helix Command Center let’s you assign midi messages and additionally nearly every device function to every hardware switch. “MIDI Mode” sounds like it should do midi exclusively.

Thanks for the shoutout on the video. I hope to make more soon :smiley:

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Im no designer nor developer. My knowledge of MIDI is about the same. Null. Outside of IPR issues theres no copyright on good sense.

As for “MIDI mode” the mode could “be” whatever the user decides. Id propose it be a mirror copy of what already “is” (preset/scene) and merely tweek it to my own fancy (which from a UI perspective would alleviate a ton of requests - do it yourself).

Tuner one press - check, scene back lighting led’s on/off - check.

Not too far off the post titled…“”

The exception would be done UI focused and MIDI. The video with the mc8 really illustrates what’s possible. But I mean no disrespect and all this tech is magic to me. Im just the dude with a bass and great sound.

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If you loop a cable from MIDI OUT to MIDI IN on the QC you can do a minor form of this where you can have the unit send MIDI messages to itself. It’s limited, and a full dedicated mode would certainly be more powerful, but at least to a small degree, you can do some things now with a MIDI jumper cable

That is a very interesting idea. Could you give a few examples with some detail? It would be very helpful to those of us who have only minimal experience with midi. :hatching_chick::eyes::male_detective: