QC Availability?

I’m looking into getting an amp modeller and the Quad Cortex looks like an exceptional piece of gear with a bright future, but from previous discussions it sounds like it will be quite the wait to get one.

Does anyone know what the estimated shipping times are for a Quad Cortex? Would it be better to order a different amp modeller and get a QC later when they’re more available and more mature? This would purely be for a hobby.

I had the same thoughts. I’m a hobbyist. I’ve got a pretty demanding day job and the QC sold me after reading reviews on the ease of use and minimal amount of time needed to dial in a great tone. Couldn’t be more correct. I got mine last month after about 4 months waiting from Sweetwater. All I can say is every chance I have I’m dying to play it. I’m so happy with it. Especially after this recent update.

If I had tons of time to devote to learning a complex modeler, I probably might be tempted to go with an Axe Fx III, but I don’t think I could punch in a great tone in 60 secs on one of those. If you can wait 3-4 months (in US) or maybe less elsewhere, it’s definitely a ton of fun.

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I guess it depends if you absolutely need something now, or if you can wait 3-4 months. If you can wait, I’d really recommend getting a QC. There is a quality of tone, realistic feel, and ease of dialing in inspiring sound that no other device has pulled off on the market to date. I’ve owned many other modelers, and in my experience the joy of playing is lost into endless hours of knob twisting trying to be satisfied with the tone. The QC has solved this. I’ve also had the QC for a full year. It was an immature product, but I’m willing to call out that as of the last update, not so. The device is comprehensive and covers all the basis at this point. Yes, there are still things I want (i.e. Neural Plugins on the QC please). But I’ll take it regardless. Happy modeler shopping.

I ordered mine and waited 3-4 months for arrival. I held myself over with a little spark amp and spent a lot of time goofing around with it. It was fun, and I kind of forgot about waiting for the QC.

I’ve never owned a kemper or anything similar, but I can safely say that the QC is an amazing piece of gear, and it’s definitely worth the wait.

I have an A/B set up, so I can run my amps into a speaker simulator and crank them, or I can just use the QC. The QC is convincing enough that I don’t feel the need to use my tube amps very often. It’s incredible.