Option to Copy/Paste EFFECTS LOOP on multiple rows

So, I just tried to copy and paste Effects Loop 2 onto two different rows and it wouldn’t let me. Is there a reason why this can’t be done?

Are you receiving a port conflict message?

Yes. That is correct.

I remember someone posting something similar months ago and I thought it was resolved utilizing the splitter/mixer function but I am not 100% sure. Obviously you can add FX loop1/FX loop2 with no issues but there may be a limitation adding the same loop to another grid with the same input etc. There was also an issue where you would get the port conflict bug but it would still work after acknowledging the notification. I would reach out via email to support@neuraldsp.com as working with multiple FX loops on the QC is out of my knowledge area.

I will leave this open in case someone else has more experience in this area. Also, just realized etc., is this meant to be a feature request or bug report?

Thanks. It is supposed to be a Feature Request.

EDIT: The more I thought about it, I get it. An FX loop can’t be on multiple rows since it is sending audio out and back in. Otherwise, sound meant for Row 1 with an FX loop would come out on an other row using that same FX Loop.

Yes, this is working as intended. Perhaps a better/alternative feature request would be the ability to have multiple instances of FX loop ports allowed on the grid but only ever 1 of each type active. So that you can swap your “tap points” for the sends and returns within scenes or toggle them via stomps. Someone was asking about being able to switch external FX pre/post an amp block and this would allow that. But even in that case the “only one active in/out at a time” rule would still need to followed - still, it would provide flexibility that isn’t possible today


Yeah, that’s me. Or at least: me, too :sweat_smile:
… with toggling stereo S/R blocks please.

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Didn’t wanna name names to protect the innocent

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