Allow “virtual” fx loops using usb channels to be able to combine plugins (esp standalone ones) with QC devices which would follow the ITB plugs

So an example of this feature would be — wanting to use a plugin amp sim from a different manufacturer WITH the quad cortexes built in cab sims so you could dial in a QC amp sim close to the 3rd party product and use scenes to a/b.

Nice idea! Not sure how this would handle latency of the plugins, though.
Are there any comparable devices that have such a virtual fx loop?

I actually tried it out using two lanes — input 1 which outputted to usb 3. Then in a neural plug I used an amp sim but no cab. Then I used input from usb 5/6 (which was the output selected in the plugin) and placed a cab and verb block and then outputted to output 1/2 and it worked very well. I was able to run it at the lowest sample rate without pops or clicks and didn’t notice any significant latency issues. But the feature request would still be useful as it would save a lane as my workaround consumes 2 pathways.

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This is doable today as you say, but I like the idea of having it as a block on the grid to avoid eating up rows. Really just a mod to the existing FX loop block(s) that let you select the desired in/out from available physical or USB “ports” would open up a lot of flexibility for some cool routing options

Exactly! Another benefit would be using dual QC cabs with post processing and comparing an internal amp sim to a 3rd party one. Presently due to the consumption of two lanes you could only set up one cab per amp sim but with a block design you would be able to use two separate splits.

There is already a request for this: