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Pete Thorn’s demos are jewels.


Thanks for posting this video. Unfortunately I could not follow the course of the cables. Does someone here see how many outputs of the Cioks at which volt settings have been used to power the QC only?

Aah, just checked on Youtube. The guy commented he used 4 outputs of 500 mA at 12 V. Means it runs at 2 A also instead of the 3 A printed on the backside of the QC.

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It’s running off 4 500ma outputs using 3 current doublers.

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Then it will also run on a Mission Engineering 529 M USB-PD Converter with a 5V rechargable powerbank I assume. The polarity of the connection cable would have to be reversed though.

Maybe the full 3A are only required for delivering the 48V phantom power when capturing, who knows ?

Really excited to get my hands on one of these, demos look incredible and heard nothing but good things. guitarguitar put one together last week that does a great job of showing off what the QC can do. Worth a look for any fellow tone geeks!


I may have missed it, but does anyone know if Neural have amended the Global Volume issue whereby the main volume dial controls ALL output collectively (e.g. FOH and AUX) ? It’s the one gigging issue I’m a little hesitant about. Blowing the ears of the Sound Engineer may get me taken off their Christmas Card list.

I think there was a pretty good work around discussed in that earlier thread… basically dime the volume knob and then set the various sends internally to taste… that’s not ideal but would avoid the dilemma you mention… having actual volume knob assignment options would be better.

Many thanks, I was hoping the comments might have pushed the issue forward before release. But as you say there a work around.

I can highly recommend an alternative to the Mission Engineering device for powering up the QC (didn’t try it yet sure enough, but should work according to what we see in the video):
“Cioks four expander”,
very small, fits nicely under the pedalboard, accepts many voltages like
5V, (USB C)
9V - 24 V DC,
9V - 12 V AC
four isolated outputs (9 V @ 660 mA, 12 V @ 500 mA, 15 V @ 400 mA, 18 V @ 330 mA)
I also like their stable cable connections
(No, I don’t work for Cioks, just find it to be a good alternative).

But this CIOKS FOUR is only an expander and needs an external power supply, then you can also use the original QC power supply unit. Why make it so complicated?

Not complicated at all!
My purpose was to go mobile and have a small pedalboard powered by battery. I like the freedom of not searching for another free plug or maybe introduce hum.

  • Combine a Cioks 4 expander with any powerbank (Anker, RAV, whatever) which are way cheaper than comparable battery packs for pedalboards and offer more power. Plus you have four isolated outputs with high voltage (handle analogue and digital pedals) that most battterypacks for pedalboarts do not have.
    All I wanted to explain. You can do the same thing with the Mission Engineering 529i. But you will need more cables to combine the power used for the QC. And the runtime of 2 hours at 1000 mA does not take you far. Whatever floats your boat.

QC needs 12VDC @ 3000 mA

A power bank would be too risky for me. You can’t say during the GIG: My battery is out, we have to stop. The QC sucks a lot of power, I doubt that a power bank can last 4-5 hours or more. There is also the sound check, waiting times, breaks, etc. If you switch off the QC in between, you have to look again in the setlist to find where you left off. Not very practical.

I didn’t find the answer in the manual, but may have skipped it. I’ve bought a Morningstar MC8 to act as my foot controller and I’ll use the Quad near to a hand in order to use the rotary dials. The MC8 has the following power option. (1 being 9VDC, 2 being USB)

Phantom Power (9-12v AC or DC)

Connect a 7-pin Midi cable to the MIDI OUT port of the MC8. Phantom power is supplied through pins 6 and 7. Phantom power is chained to pins 6 & 7 on the MIDI IN port as well, allowing you to power other devices.

If sending DC power via the pins, the polarity does not matter.

My Question, does the quad supply phantom power on pins 6 & 7?

With all the delays, hard to image them adding anything to the pile.

QC only has 5 pin MIDI sockets.

the Rocktron MIDI Mate has a 7 pin socket… so you get a special MIDI cable that has a split off at one end that accepts the barrel power source adapter from your wall wart… you’d have the wart plugged in where your MIDI enabled unit is in the rack and at the other end it powers up the MIDI Mate… 7 pins on one end and 5 pins plus the female power adapter on the other… very cool indeed… I’ve had this for years.