Manual is out, folks!

right on time!


Post your thoughts!
I’m gonna dive into it now

this should make for interesting reading.

There are a lot of details I’m liking very much.

  • There is a power button but just pulling the cord is OK too
  • IO configuration window looks very good and having meters is an amazing feature
  • CPU monitoring per block = nice!
  • clip indication on inputs and outputs = amazing
  • the way they explain how to use the multiple cores is a nice touch
  • crossover mode on the splits = nice! No need to mimic this with LPF HPF

Have to read the rest of it tomorrow, I’m supposed to get some sleep and go to work in the morning… unfortunately

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I’m a volume pedal user in live setups and I’ve wondered how I would do this with the QC.

It looks like the best approach would be assign an expression pedal to the Lane Output Control for my onstage FRFR. then another output pair for FOH and “set it and leave it”. apparently a TRS cable to my expression pedal is all I need. no need to use one of the FX-loops for volume control.

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I went through it just quickly last night, one of the better manuals for sure. I like the structure, layout, no information overload. All you need to start is there and easy to find, like: a typical settings for a vocal + guitar preset etc. I am happy I do not have to dive through heavy user infos like certain amp parameters I never heard of (once had an AX8) . A black ink on white version would be great for a printout and maybe even better readability. All in all this manual made me look forward to receiving the Quad Cortex. UI is key to me. If this box sounds as good as the UI looks I will be a happy.

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Seems the manual layout is optimized for reading on mobile devices - not entirely a bad idea!

Been digging into this a lot lately! Now I just need my QC :smiley:

I noticed that the “Captain 50 Clean” is not listed in the amp section of the manual, which was the Morgan amp sim listed on the device list from Oct. I was really looking forward to that… are we losing amp models??

Read the manual… hard going without the Unit !! Still cant workout how to profile a pedal. Isays connect tit to input 1 ?? and … Somebody if they can please explain it to me as I am not really up to speed with this type of equipment …

@clivekay exactly the same way it is described in the manual for an amp except you don’t have to use a mic: connect your guitar to return 1, the capture out to the input of the pedal and the output of the pedal to in 1
Then proceed with the capture process, by that I mean press the Capture button and wait

Put it another way, look at the schematic on page 67 and just replace the amp and microphone with the pedal

Thanks for that !! I presume set up the pedal as you would for your amp and then profile that , or do various profiles with the knobs in different positions…

Interesting reading! Two things I noticed that concerns my intended use:

  • The USB audio interface supports 8 I/O-channels but the sample rate is fixed to 48 kHz (of concern if you use the QC as digital I/O to a DAW with or without any additional audio interface). Probably this is HW dependent and will not change with future updates.

  • The MIDI-to-QC-function interface has fixed assignments, Like CC01 → Expression pedal 1., CC02 → Expression pedal 2, and so on. Hopefully, in a future update we can map in/out going MIDI to any CC/function.

I think its a great manual. I liked almost everything I read so far about the unit and the manual itself w/r/t being easy to understand and to the point. See my gripe on the Volume Control for the exception.