A little sneak at the Quad Cortex Desktop Editor from NAMM 2023

I’ve been looking around for a visual of the Quad Cortex Desktop Editor and found this in youtube, so thought I’d share the link :slight_smile:

Click Here for Video


:rofl:He caught Bea looking befuddled.
Neural sure know how to promote; using Abasi’s :+1:t6:Music Man “Kaizen” Guitar as tester.


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This will be such a game changer!

Also being able to have stereo cab blocks instead of splitting into two cabs will be mega handy!


LOL, even with the DE, the QC is still on the desk.

I’m chomping at the bit for this to be released.


This is one of my three wishes for the QC, along with a global volume pedal and the market place. Then I would probably be 98% happy with it.

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