Omega Ampworks Granophyre Presets Thread

Hi everyone, I just made 14 presets for this awesome amp sim (8 for rhythm and 6 for leads).
You can find them in the “Preset Vault” section on Honest Amp Sims Reviews site under Guitar Amp Sims - Neural DSP Omega Ampworks Granophyre folder.
Here is the direct google drive if you’d like to download (free download) them:
The preset filename format is the following:

  • Preset name (i.e. Lead) - mics used in the cab section (i.e. 57-160) - power tube (i.e. 6L6).

I’ll be doing a lot of other presets for Granophyre, I’ll keep you updated with my progress!
P.S.: could a Moderator please set up a new category for this product? It looks like it’s missing, I had to pick up the “General” one. Thanks in advance


Thank you so much for sharing these! bought the plugin because I liked the brutality in the sound of it, but wasn’t able to dial it in right for me. these settings really set me in the right direction and made the click! :slight_smile:

That’s cool, glad you liked them!

Cool! I’ll check them asap.
Omega is an oustanding and best sounding sim.

Hi Sergei, thanks man, glad you liked them!
I agree, it’s definitely a beast of an amp sim!

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After testing the Omega for a week, I finally purchased it today and while browsing I saw this thread. I already tested your presets and I like it. Good work! Thank you for sharing! :metal:

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Glad you liked them man!

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Any word on the ETA for those new Granophyre presets?

Hi Kyle, I’m working on them, I’ll be releasing some of them this weekend.
I’m also working on some presets for the new Cali Suite, I’ll release them as soon as I can.

i was referring to the presets Neural DSP was putting out

My bad, I didn’t get it

It took me some time but I made some other new presets (31) for this beast, each one has different cabs and power tubes combination to provide some variety using 2 different guitar tracks.
These are the new presets name:


Pretty cool presets. I liked a lot of the Tech Death Metal stuff, minimal tweaks required to fit the guitar i use. Thanks dude.

You’re welcome Kyle, glad you liked them!

Hey man! Like your work. Can you make a modern metalcore tone? Something like a Parkway Drive or As I lay dying?

Thank you!!


Thanks as always. The Nolly Presets were great, but the heavier ones of these are even better. This plugin has such a great tone straight out of the box.

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Hi man, I could try to work on them. Honestly modern metalcore is not my cup of tea but I’ll try to see what can I come up with when I got some spare time.

Thanks Jim, glad you liked them. I agree with you, this amp has a really great tone with no tweaks, I mean even on the default setting is awesome

Yes definitely. I love the versatility of Nolly but I’m finding the heavier tones of Granophyre ‘easier’ to dial in (maybe I’m just not patient enough), but love some of the mid-gain and clean tones in Nolly. I tried Nameless and NTS too but found their tones a little bit flat sounding. Obviously it’s very subjective.