Anyone get a Tesseract Tone?

Anyone come across a good Tesseract tone. Light on gain and crisp in the lows. New here, any help would be great.

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ooo, i’ve so far only been able to get a solid Tesseract Tone with granny and Abasi. But now i want to try harder…

I’d start with amp 2, cab 4. drop the bass out on the amp, brighten up the mid/high. opt for OD-2, and turn the compressor to snappy.

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Hope this isn’t a stupid question, what’s granny? :grimacing: Omega Granophyre?

yeah, most likely he’s talking about the granophyre.

If you’re talking about the almost metallic rhythm tone that they use on tracks such as dystopia, utopia and messenger then the 2nd amp could pretty much nail that, i’ve been working on a tone on the modded marshall sounding amp (2nd amp) and i’ts getting close to a tesseract tone but it’s not quite there yet as i’m frankly shit at eqing lol. The bright switch will help achieve the metallicy-twangy tone.
When it’s finished up, i’ll post one on the preset forums.

Oh nice. I’m still trying to fine tune, splitting coils def helped a lot but I still feel somethings missing. I’ll def check out your preset when finished.

Yeah, second postion (split) on a 5 way also helps a ton!

Hey, yes i am talking about the Granophyre.

What i noticed really makes the tone on the abasi is the 2nd amps Low cut switch. Maybe try replicating a lowpass.

Also, i noticed in most videos online - Acle seems to be playing a lot of rythm on his neck pickup (unless his Mayones switch is reverse wired) which is odd… but maybe there’s something to it.

hey man, could you share the tesseract preset for the abasi. Im a huge tesseract fan.

Fasho, here are the one’s i’m using for my setup (MIJ S7420 loaded with DMZ Titans) the “Tesseract lead” is really the main rhythm tone i’m using. i’ll play around with AWD, and Spanky clean for some of their ambient stuff. And Leadus in Fabula works nice for some of their solo lines like in “april” when you dial back the volume knob, and use a tender touch.

Acoustic Wet Dream.xml (5.1 KB) Leadus in Fabula.xml (5.1 KB) Spanky Clean.xml (5.1 KB) Tempered Steel.xml (4.9 KB) tesseract lead.xml (5.1 KB)


So… coming back to this. I made this with Nolly to play Tool covers, but it might work for the 'Ract as well. it’s light on gain, and crispy. Maybe play around a bit with the two different overdrive pedals if you want. Schism Rhythm.xml (6.3 KB)

thank you man, great hearing back from you. i have posted a preset in the abasi presets page. you can check it out. thank you again man!!

Great recommendation. I’m having better luck in Nolly with the 3rd Amp and 4th Cab and a few tweaks. I’m using an Aristides Raw 7 and for some reason, the 2nd Amp just isn’t working with my pickups… Anyway, as for the rest of the sound, many not only double guitars with distortion, but also double clean guitars with effects… I have a very hard time thinking this is only a “distorted” sound. Periphery most often have clean tracks of the same guitars for a quicker attack on the riff… My 2 cents. Cheers.

Yeah man, the trick is just to use less gain on the amp and make up for it by striking the strings harder. Brings out more clarity as well.

Will definitely try making a better hit on the string… Yet I find the preset lacks too much clear sound.