Omega Ampworks Granophrye

Hello, I just purchased Granophrye and discovered that there are no delays or reverbs included. Would you provide those in a future update please? Also, I am not familiar with the physical amp so I don’t know what it’s strengths are supposed to be. Practically all the presets are dry with the exception of various degrees of overdrive so there doesn’t appear to be much variety. As is, I can’t see myself actually using Granophyre much, but perhaps you can provide inspiriation. Thanks, Jack

Hello @j_meginniss. There are no current plans for adding Delay or Reverb effects to the Plug-In, but you can use any external FX for this purpose.

As it says in the manual, you can get a wide variety of tones (from blues to metal) thanks to the different tubes, high/low and voicing switches. Take a look at this video to get a better idea of the tones you can get:

Also, remember that this forum is a great place to find presets, I’m pretty sure there will be many as time goes by.

Thanks for the reply and the video link. Apparently the amp wasn’t designed to achieve “clean” or even big warm smooth tones ala Eric Johnson or Joe Bonnamasa. It offers different degrees of grind. It is by its nature a metal or djent player’s machine.

14 day trail sir… I purchased the Archetype Abasi after only watching a few demos and i have the hardest time getting good guitar tones. the clean stuff is easy to create but the rest has been difficult. I wish i had done the 14 day because i would of used the money to buy the Parallax instead. No refunds i guess lol. The Omega rips. i already bought it, maybe my fav high gain amp sim to date.